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This year's Horizon 2020 Energy Info Days took place from Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 October in Brussels, Belgium, presenting the new funding opportunities and innovative schemes offered by the Energy Work Programme 2018-2020.   The content has been structured in three days:       Day 1 – 23 October 2017, focuses in the funding priorities for renewables, decarbonising fossil fuels & cross-cutting issues.
Post date: 8 Nov 2017
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  EeMAP White Paper    
Post date: 7 Nov 2017
Type: Publication

Energy efficient mortgages could play a central role in Europe’s new strategy for sustainable finance, states a White Paper published on 26 October 2017 under the EU funded ‘Energy Efficient Mortgages Action Plan’ (EeMAP) Initiative - which sets out key recommendations towards the creation of an energy efficient mortgage product for Europe.  
Post date: 3 Nov 2017
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On 27 October 2017, the European Commission presented the final Work Programme for Horizon 2020, covering the budgetary years 2018, 2019 and 2020 and representing an investment of around €30 billion.  
Post date: 1 Nov 2017
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Creating an energy efficient mortgage for Europe - A Review of Building Performance Indicators that Impact Mortgage Credit Risk  
Post date: 27 Oct 2017
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Energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement and the European Union’s climate and energy objectives. Buildings represent the largest economic potential for energy efficiency. While the most developed economies need to accelerate the decarbonisation of their existing building stock, emerging economies need to move towards the construction of zero emission, efficient and resilient buildings.  
Post date: 26 Oct 2017
Type: Event

On 23 October 2017, two years after COP21, the European Commission took another concrete step forward in its efforts to stimulate the private financing of energy efficiency, by supporting a market-led initiative to design and deliver a pan-European protocol and portal for financial data on energy efficient mortgages under the Horizon 2020 programme.  
Post date: 25 Oct 2017
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The Energy Union Framework Strategy includes energy efficiency as one of its five dimensions and states it is to be considered as an energy source in its own right. The ambitious Paris climate agreement also underlines the importance of energy efficiency. To realise its full potential, public funds will not suffice and private financing will have to be unlocked on a large scale.  
Post date: 24 Oct 2017
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New Integrated Renovation Strategy to improve Energy PErformance of Social housing    
Post date: 20 Oct 2017
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Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF 2017), organised by Climate Action and UN Environmental Programme, is back for its eighth year.
Post date: 19 Oct 2017
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