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Buildings have major environmental impacts over their entire life cycle. Resources such as ground cover, forests, water, and energy are depleted to construct and operate buildings. Resource-intensive materials provide the building envelope and landscaping adds beauty to it – in turn using up water and pesticides to maintain it. Energy-consuming systems for lighting, space conditioning and water heating provide comfort to its occupants.
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Mr Shapps said the Code has been updated to take into account the tougher new rules for energy efficiency in buildings, and help developers make new homes greener without getting bogged down in unnecessary 'gold plated' design features. The Code, which has been updated after an extensive consultation with housebuilders and industry experts, will also make it easier for consumers and homeowners who want to grade the standard of their properties. Grant Shapps said:
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Alleged fraud and deceptive practices
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The increasingly global nature of the green building movement – and its unrivaled potential to effect real economic and environmental progress worldwide – is at the heart of the Greenbuild 2010 International Forum, being held in Chicago Nov. 16 in conjunction with the annual Greenbuild International Conference & Expo. The International Forum is also your first chance to learn more about the LEED International Program from representatives of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the nonprofit organization that develops the LEED rating systems and hosts Greenbuild.
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