NZEB - Near Zero-Energy Buildings

At the conference four members of the CECODHAS energy experts' network presented a stock-take of the energy policy in social housing in their country: Ingrid Vogler, from GdW, Germany, Eva Bauer from GbV, Austria, Albert Koedam from Aedes, the Netherlands and Olivia Powis from NHF, England. Needless to say, the descriptions revealed the very different challanges being faced. An insight into lessons learned though participation in EU funded projects was also provided by a numer of French housing association.
Post date: 22 Jul 2010
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Aedes and the National Tenants Union had a stand on the business fair to promote the covenant on energy saving and sustainability. In the covenant, which is also signed by the Dutch Government, the parties express the intention to reduce energy consumption of households by 20% by 2020. The central tool of the covenant is the ‘woonlastenwaarborg’, a guarantee that the total cost of living (rent and costs of energy consumption) will not increase after refurbishment of the house.
Post date: 22 Jul 2010
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In addition, The Institute for Energy Diversification and Efficiency from the Spanish Ministry for Trade, Tourism and Industry was invited to present a new funding programme entitled Biomcasa to promote the use of biomass in the residential sector. Members raised some logistic issues related to storage and delivery which should be considered in the context of the programme.
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2 wind turbines models : - 3 wind turbine free standing (height 15 m – power 10 kW (each))  for a total yearly production of 45 MW/a) - 3 roof top wind turbines (height 3 m) total yearly production : 15 MWh/a Photovoltaic panels : 80 m² – yearly production 2 MWh/a Thermal solar power used directly in the building for heating and domestic water. Air cooling : earth-to-air heat exchanger Ventilation : heat recovery system Water rain is recovered and re used in for washroom facilities.
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This CECODHAS-Housing Europe led initiative is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme now has an official on-line home at The new site provides space for organizations to upload case studies and an on-line forum to allow them to get in touch directly with others or to share views. There is also a selection of tools, guidebooks and case studies aimed at helping organizations to develop their energy strategy in the resource section of the site.
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