PentaHelix Project

Concept and Objectives:   PentaHelix project aims to empower local and regional authorities to find innovative and cost effective approaches to develop, finance, implement and improve sustainable energy and climate action plans (...

The MULTIPLY Project

Concept:   Our Horizon 2020 project aims to integrate these different types of data in a MULTIscale SENTINEL land surface information retrieval Platform (MULTIPLY). For both developers of satellite retrieval tools and for anyone who...

Réglementation applicable aux chaudières

L'inspection périodique des systèmes de climatisation

CESTEC-Center for Technological development, Energy and Competitiveness of SMEs in Lombardy region.

USE Efficiency - Universities and Students for energy Efficiency

The IEE USE Efficiency project intends to create a common stream for energy efficiency systems in university buildings. Universities and students are proposed as shining examples both for energy efficiency solutions and for energy...

Air conditioning inspections - . HARMONAC - Harmonising Air Conditioning Inspection and Audit Procedure in the Tertiary Building Sector

Finnish Ministry of the Environment

BRE - Building Research Establishment Ltd

The BRE Trust Companies, BRE and BRE Global, are world leading research, consultancy, training, testing and certification organisations delivering sustainability and innovation across the built environment and beyond.

HARMONAC: Harmonizing Air Conditioning Inspection and Audit Procedures in the Tertiary Building Sector