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For air conditioning systems that can operate in the heating mode, is the inspection also applicable to the operation of the ...

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The definition of air-conditioning systems in article 2 of the EPBD (“a combination of all components required to provide a form of air treatment in which temperature is controlled or can be lowered, possibly in combination with the control of ventilation, humidity and air cleanliness”) refers to the whole system where the temperature of the air can be cooled. If that system also includes a heating mode, which is quite common, the heating component is just one more component of the whole system and, according to article 9 of the EPBD, the air-conditioning system (as whole) should be inspected. However, the details of the inspection procedure are fixed by each Member State. Thus, national procedures for inspection of air-conditioning systems may specify which components of the air-conditioning system must be inspected and how often and with which methodology that inspection is to be carried out, including, or not, the specific configuration when it operates in a heating mode. EN standard 15240 (“Guidelines for inspection of air-conditioning systems”) deals exclusively with “cooling” components and issues. Procedures for inspecting heating systems, including boilers and heat distribution systems, e.g., ventilation systems, are described in EN 15378.

Author: Eduardo MALDONADO (University of Porto, Portugal) Date: 27/11/07