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How can the CEN-standards make reference to the set of European standards to support the EPBD?

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If an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standard is also an EN ISO standard, then it is a European standard just like any other EN (European) standard. As illustrated in several CENSE Information Papers, e.g. P92 or P94, a CEN standard to support the EPBD is one of a series of standards, which are mutually related and serve particular European (EPBD) needs; in particular: which are meant to be applied in the context of national building regulations. If, for this purpose, such an EN ISO standard needs to make a reference to another EN standard, then one may find in the standard a distinction between references to EN standards for use within the CEN area and references to ISO or national standards for use outside Europe.
In EN ISO 13790, for instance, this was solved by concentrating all references to other standards in one normative annex (Annex A), which provides for the "CEN area": references to CEN (EN or EN ISO) standards and for "elsewhere": references to ISO standards or, in absence of ISO standards, to national standards (see CENSE Info Paper P92 which can also be downloaded from the BUILD UP Portal).

Question submitted by: Dick van Dijk (TNO, The Netherlands)
Anwered by: Dick van Dijk, TNO (The Netherlands) and Brian Anderson, BRE (UK)
Date: 2009/02/19