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Is regular inspection of boilers required in all cases by the EPB Directive?

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Article 8 of the EPBD offers two options:

1. either inspection of boilers (8.a) or
2. provision of advice to the users that must achieve an overall equivalent impact to that of inspection (8.b).

The first option (inspection of boilers) requires regular inspection ofÿboilers fired with non-renewable liquid or solid fuelÿof an effective rated output of 20 to 100 kW and inspection of boilers of an effective rated output of more than 100 kW without restriction about the fuel used.

The Directive also states that regular inspection of boilers from 20 to 100 kW may apply to fuels other than non-renewable liquid or solid fuels.

Regular inspection of boilers is therefore not compulsory for all types of fuels or all rated outputs, especially as an alternative (but equivalent) approach is allowed.

Author:  François DURIER (CETIAT)
Date:   04/04/06