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Do we need a common EU certification scheme for non-residential buildings?

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Answer to hrrp://www.buildup.eu/news/23273 It seems that RICS welcomes the initiative and agrees the need of a common EU certification scheme. Also other stakeholders, like property federations, industrials and building professionals, underline the need for a common EU scheme. But two comments made by RICS about the current proposal have to be clarified: - as described in the information from RICS, in the current proposal of certification scheme the rating is based on the asset rating (because the focus is on the quality of the building itself), but the operational performance should be reported in the certification scheme for comparison of the intrinsic potential of building and the real use; - RICS mentioned the lack of a common benchmark for certification scheme. In the current proposal a common benchmark is proposed. It is based on the ratio of the primary energy consumption of the specific building to a reference. The proposed reference value is related to the minimum energy performance requirements for the same building. A major difficulty to establish the needed common EU certification scheme is missing in the communication from RICS. It is the lack of a common EU methodology for calculation the energy performance of buildings. The EU Commission gave a mandate to CEN to establish this methodology. Johann Zirngibl (CSTB)
Do we need a common EU certification scheme for non-residential buildings?


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