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Energy Efficiency: MEPs set to choose between ‘stop’ or ‘continue’, sais Coalition for Energy Savings

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Alternative proposals on the Energy Efficiency Directive jeopardise European industry and citizens’ energy bills



Coalition for Energy Savings press release, 20 November 2017  



An alternative set of compromise amendments, signed by the shadow Rapporteurs of EPP and ECR groups, on the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) would render the Directive, including its targets and measures, null and void. Other political groups have rallied around the S&D proposal for continuing and strengthening energy efficiency policies after 2020 and for providing a clear signal to investors.


On 28 November, MEPs from the ITRE committee will vote on the revision of the EED. They will have to position themselves on the 2030 energy efficiency target and on the annual end-use savings obligation, Article 7, which secures the single largest contribution to the overall target. Unlike for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, where political groups have managed to rally around a single text, the ITRE committee stands divided on the EED, as two sets of compromise amendments have been tabled.


The alternative set proposed by the EPP and ECR shadow Rapporteurs falls short of providing certainty and continuity, which are indispensable conditions for the further development of the European energy efficiency market, and implies giving up on strengthening consumers’ control over their energy bills. Analysis indeed shows that the EPP-ECR compromise proposal on Article 7 opens up the possibility for Member States to simply stop energy savings schemes after 2020.



Read the full press release at the relevant Coalition for Energy Savings webpage.



Energy Efficiency: MEPs set to choose between ‘stop’ or ‘continue’, sais Coalition for Energy Savings