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Is there a mutual recognition system between countries for inspectors?

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A BUILD UP portal user sent the following questions: How can air conditioning system inspectors work across Europe? What additional or crossover accreditation would be required?

As far as we know, there is for the moment no mutual recognition between countries so that an air conditioning inspector of one country can automatically be recognised by another country for the same type of inspection.

Such mutual recognition is probably not easy to set up because the inspection scheme for air conditioning systems (as well as for boilers or heating systems) is defined and organised on a national basis, taking into account national situations and specificities, which probably leads to substantial differences in the organisation schemes.

Is there a mutual recognition system between countries for inspectors?


The legalistic answer can be found in Directive 2005/36 on mutual recognition of professional qualifications.
The practical answer could be found within professional organisations for inspectors if these are able and willing to mutually recognize each other's members.
And to make such cross national recognition visible to national authorities.
Pan-European AEEBC (Association d'Experts Européens du Bâtiment et de la Construction) is trying to set up a system for free movement for building experts, building surveyors, experts de bâtiment, geometri, bygningskonstruktør, rakennusmestarii, and other building and construction related titles who are not formally mentioned in the directive.
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