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Tool's context

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The energy performance of buildings is a key energy policy concern for Europe (Commission, Member States), addressed by several Directives, notably the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Buildings are responsible of 1/3rd of the total energy use in Europe, and the long term potential exists to cut consumption by half.
To achieve the ambitious goals set up by the Commission, reliable calculation tools are needed to predict with a reasonable accuracy the performances of new and refurbished buildings and to provide recommendations for improvements.
The Directive defines general requirements for these processes, but details of transpositions of the Directive – including calculation procedures - are left to the Member States authorities. As a result, there is a patchwork of national methods and conventions. The consequences are difficulties to reach the targets of the Directive because the multitude of different methods handicaps the dissemination of good practice, the circulation of products, services and the share of experiences.


Tool's context