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Wind Projects in Romania

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ANRE (National Regulatory Autority for Energy) has requests for 31.000 MW installed power.

That is over ten times more than the network can support. In this capacity, more than 5,300 MW have the technical connection to the network and other 4336 MW are in a more advanced stage, with attachment contracts. On the other hand, projects finished lifting, holding and permits for wind founding, is 1141.5 MW totals.

Official statement by the European Bank for investment:

"The big problem that we get projects to finance in Romania is related to their impact on the environment. The problem is the authorities, legislation, and in terms of project developers.”...

"Projects can be approved, but the land they are built on the new capabilities are claimed then heirs. Necessary approvals can be obtained, but may equally well be challenged later. Therefore there are many uncertainties about the project. The risk is very high for developers and the Bank.”


Develop your own projects, financing of projects by early involvement the investors and implementation with staff that has the experience and loyalty.

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Wind Projects in Romania