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CERMA- Abridged method for certification of new residential buildings in SPAIN

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CERMA is an HOURLY SIMULATION TOOL that takes 5 seconds to do the calculation based on presimulated thermal elements. The model definition is non geometrical. It is devised for certification of new residential buildings. It tries to do predict the outputs from the first official national calculation tool in Spain ( CalenerVyP) to keep the coherence of the national certification scheme but increasing the calculation speed. Features: It assigns fossile CO2 emissions to all the architectural elements of the building , just to discover which is producing problems thus allowing the fixing of the problem. It makes a parametric study ( in 30 seconds, 48 runs) on actions on the architecture to reduce the emissions (improve the letter) - i.e. increase de isolation 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, etc...- and on actions regarding the systems -i.e. changing for a condensing boiler, using a better heat pump, etc..-
When you download the CERMA software a PowerPoint (PPT) file is installed that explains how to use the software and the technical basis.

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