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The Covenant of Mayors develops a new interactive tool to help EU cities reducing CO2

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As the SEAP template is now available on-line, the Covenant Signatories can submit their SEAPs and provide key information on their objectives and measures on-line.

The Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) template is the first step in providing practical support to the Covenant Signatories. The SEAP template will help the signatories to structure their actions and measures, and to follow up implementation. At the same time the template is a valuable tool for collecting key information from the Sustainable Energy Action Plans, and thus encouraging exchanges of experience. Highlights of the collected information will be shown on-line under the Signatory Profiles on the Covenant of Mayors website (www.eumayors.eu).

During the summer, a test phase was organised together with the “practitioners group” to fine tune the SEAP template. A number of pioneering local authorities, which already have extensive experience in implementing sustainable energy action plans participated, and a large number of useful inputs were gathered to ensure a user-friendly tool.

The SEAP template now works as an internet based tool that the Covenant signatories can fill in by themselves on-line via the Signatories’ Corner. All signatories will have to complete the SEAP template on-line in English at the same time when submitting the Sustainable Energy Action Plan in their own (national) language.

All Covenant signatories can access the online tool via the Signatories’ Corner (restricted area) at: http://members.eumayors.eu/.

A public copy of the SEAP template & supporting instructions document is available in our library (PDF format): http://www.eumayors.eu/library/documents_en.htm.