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Energy Efficiency Management, Monitoring and Reporting with EMMA (Environmental Management Measurement Application)

EMMA (Environmental Management Measurement Application) is a real time sustainability analysis tool that automates global benchmarking and emission reporting. The EMMA development team won Oracle magazines Global 'Green IT architect...

Is there a mutual recognition system between countries for inspectors?

A BUILD UP portal user sent the following questions: How can air conditioning system inspectors work across Europe? What additional or crossover accreditation would be required? As far as we know, there is for the moment no mutual...
Ask the Experts

Are national annexes always required to apply EN ISO 13790?

Choices have to be made at the national level. In several countries this is or will be done, at least for the time being, in a practical way, by copying the relevant parts of EN ISO 13790 as national standard, adding further specifications...


Daylight 1-2-3 is a non-expert design analysis tool that supports daylighting-related design decisions in commercial buildings during the initial design and design development stages. The tool predicts the daylighting and energy...


An easy to use daylighting program. SoDaLight program calculates the daylight factor distribution in a room at the workplane. User interface allowed user to resize and move windows with mouse. Window and wall properties can be changed and...

Tool to explore possibilities of energy saving in existing houses

As of February 2009 the second release of the ‘Energiebesparingsverkenner’ is online. This is an interactive tool on the internet that gives insight in the possibilities of energy saving measures in existing houses. The tool gives...

ID-Spec Large

ID-Spec Large is a software for the electrical installation design of industrial and tertiary buildings ID-Spec Large software helps to design a “green” electrical installation, by enabling the user to : -Assess the impact of selecting “...

Calculation sheets for comparison of energy performance requirements for new buildings in 11 countries

Three Excel sheets in zip-Format, 327 kB, allowing to compare energy performance requirements for new buildings in 11 countries (Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France).

Subsidy-tool for consumers and professionals: the Energiesubsidiewijzer

SenterNovem developed a subsidy-tool for consumers and professionals, the Energiesubsidiewijzer. This internet tool gives an overview of financial instruments (such as subsidies, loans etc.) to stimulate energy saving measures in the...

iDbuild - Consequence-conscious design decisions

Details about iDbuild iDbuild is developed at the Technical University of Denmark as a part of an ongoing PhD-project about the development of design methods for integrated design of new low energy building. iDbuild is a part of a...
iDbuild is a building simulation tool ideal for design management in a goal-oriented design processes. It is developed to utilise the power of building simulation tools in the development of designs and with the intention to push...


Global monthly consumptions are often insufficient to allow an accurate understanding of the building’s behavior. Even if some very rough results can be expected from the analysis of monthly fuel consumption, global electricity consumption...

The Covenant of Mayors develops a new interactive tool to help EU cities reducing CO2

The Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) template is the first step in providing practical support to the Covenant Signatories. The SEAP template will help the signatories to structure their actions and measures, and to follow up...
As the SEAP template is now available on-line, the Covenant Signatories can submit their SEAPs and provide key information on their objectives and measures on-line.

Use of energy certification data

While inspecting a building to be able to issue an energy performance certificate (EPC) the expert collect much information about the building envelope and the systems. In many cases this information is being stored in a register (central...

EC comission regulations of EuP directive

Dear all As you might know following the commission regulations can be a full time job. I'm looking for the most recent comission regulation of the EuP directive for electric motors. Anyone can help? Regards Sascha Iqbal

SME hotels in the EU - Renewable energy & Energy efficiency

UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) is working on the HES project (Hotel Energy Solution http://www.hotelenergysolutions.net/news/news.php) that focuses on actions to foster energy efficiency and usage of renewable energies...

CASAMAIS, a quick calculator for building energy performance for Portugal

A calculator for a rough estimate of the energy label for an existing residential building (single family or apartment) in Portugal.

Cooling Energy Efficiency

The benchmarking tool is based on several german building data. The tool allows building owners to rough calculate their energy consumption with different parameters.

List of experts accreditated to issue Energy certificate

This blog is reserved for providing lists of experts accreditated to issue Energy Certificate in MS. So, please post links related to this item.

CERMA- Abridged method for certification of new residential buildings in SPAIN

When you download the CERMA software a PowerPoint (PPT) file is installed that explains how to use the software and the technical basis.
CERMA is an HOURLY SIMULATION TOOL that takes 5 seconds to do the calculation based on presimulated thermal elements. The model definition is non geometrical. It is devised for certification of new residential buildings. It tries to do...

Register of persons allowed to make energy performance certificates

The department of Construction market and technique in the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure has a registry of experts entitled to draw up energy performance certificates. The full list is available on the website of the Ministry and can...