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BUILD UP Training schemes: a new section is born!

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To facilitate the upskilling of professionals required to implement energy efficiency measures in buildings, BUILD UP is launching a new section devoted to tracking down training courses available throughout Europe.

With the introduction of the RES Directive in 2009, the EPBD recast Directive in 2010 and the more recent Energy Efficiency Directive in October 2012, it is clear that Europe is gearing up for the achievement of its 20-20-20 targets. All three Directives state the importance of having robust training mechanisms in place to ensure that professionals dealing with energy efficiency or renewable energy in buildings are properly qualified.


BUILD UP is happy to announce its new Training schemes section, which will serve as an information point for professionals seeking to upgrade their skill set and find new opportunities in an emerging, environmentally aware market, policy makers investigating developments in the field of training, as well as building owners looking for qualified experts. The Training schemes section is divided into sub-sections (schemes) according to professional categories:


  • The Residential and Non-Residential Building Certifier schemes cover article 17 of the EPBD recast, which states that ‘all Member States should ensure that the energy performance certification of buildings is carried out in an independent manner by qualified and/or accredited experts’. A typical example of listed material is this Belgian course on residential certifiers.


  • Articles 14 and 15 of the EPBD recast call for regular inspections of Boilers and Air-Conditioning systems respectively. Some European countries now offer training courses that enable participants to perform certified inspections, as seen in these examples from France and the Czech Republic.



  • Finally, to reach the full potential of building energy efficiency that technology and design offer, the various craftsmen and workers involved in the construction or renovation of a building need to be expertly trained and updated on matters of energy efficiency, as demonstrated in this Green Deal Installer course. Check the Building/Construction Related Workforce scheme periodically for new courses. In addition, the BUILD UP Skills Initiative is already well advanced in identifying and monitoring the trends, developments, skill needs and gaps in the building industry labour force. The BUILD UP Skills National Status Quo reports are already available for 17 of the 30 participating countries, with the rest expected to follow in the near future.


The Training schemes section is a dynamic section that will continually be updated with new courses and even new sub-sections. You can also add to the Training schemes section, by proposing new courses via the Propose Content (link, publication, news etc.) module of the interactive BUILD UP web portal.


Stay tuned to BUILD UP for more developments!