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BUILD UP Web Seminar video recordings | Energy-efficient retrofitting of residential buildings: A holistic approach is required

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BUILD UP Web Seminar video recordings | Energy-efficient retrofitting of residen

Building new homes to meet the demanding energy efficiency regulations in Europe is essential, but the benefits will accrue slowly as it will take several decades before such houses form a significant proportion of the stock. The major challenge is retrofitting existing, energy-inefficient homes to lower energy consumption (and bills), offer better thermal comfort and increase property value.


In this BUILD UP Web Seminar, you will learn how to best select and integrate various technologies to optimise the performance of different building types under specific climatic and socio-economic conditions. Case studies using vacuum insulation panels will also be presented. This Webinar is organized in collaboration with  the Herb EU 7th framework project, TNO, Platform31, University of Nottingham East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Kingspan.


· Welcome | Wouter Borsboom, TNO on behalf of BUILD UP, and Saffa Riffat, University of Nottingham
· Holistic approach for retrofit of buildings is needed | David Tetlow, University of Nottinham, UK
· Effects of control on performance of retrofitting | Wouter Borsboom, TNO, NL
· Questions and Answers #1
· Why use Vacuum Insulation Panels in retrofitting? | Adrian Pargeter, Kingspan, UK
· “Changing Streets”: whole street / whole community regeneration programme | Philip Bristow, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, UK
· Questions and Answers #2




HOW TO VIEW: Each presentation or Q&A session in the agenda is a separate video within an integrated playlist. You may watch the whole webinar from start to end, skip videos by clicking on >|, or click on PLAYLIST and jump straight to the video you want.


The original announcement for this event can be found here.