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Drones could add £42 billion to the UK economy, while improving sustainability

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Drone technology has the potential to transform our economies to be more sustainable and efficient.


The professional services group looked at the impact that drones could have upon the UK economy, finding significant improvements across all sectors.


Adopting new technologies, such as drones, are seen as important ways to monitor and manage the increased risks posed by climate change.


They could also add £42 billion to the UK economy, of which £1.1 billion is within agriculture, mining, and energy.


The report estimates that over 25,000 drones could be in operation across this sector by 2030, and 76,000 in the UK as a whole.


PwC’s work shows that drones could be used in the agriculture sector to make it more productive and sustainable. Apart from use in crop spraying, drones can monitor the health (...)

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