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Experiencing nearly Zero-Energy in Cooperative Ownership - Lessons learnt from the POWER HOUSE nZEC project!

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Incentivising and implementing nearly Zero-Energy strategies in Divided/Cooperative ownership, particularly in multi-apartment buildings with mixed tenures, requires an adapted financial, legal and organisational framework as well as a good communication and marketing plan. 
In the framework of the POWER HOUSE nearly Zero-Energy Challenge initiative, the members of the Divided/Cooperative ownership TaskForce have recently finalised the following three documents based on the outcomes of the monitored case studies:   
• Legal & organizational framework and Communication & marketing of nZEB in Divided and Cooperative Ownership
• Cost-effectiveness of nZEB in Divided and Cooperative Ownership in practice
• Financing nearly Zero-Energy projects and Renewable Energy Sources in Divided and Cooperative Ownership
These documents are available for download below. Enjoy the read!
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