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Housing Europe Overview on Financing Needs for the Energy Transition

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At EU level:

We need a review of EU policy coherence to identify possible signals on economic governance state aid, energy /construction market regulation which could contradict energy efficiency goals;
We need to boost ELENA and MLEI and increase usability by ensuring scale and timing correspond to needs of those promoters who are ready to act;
We need to establish EU fund to provide guarantees for energy efficiency financiers (banks, ESCOs); and ...
Facilitate exchange of knowhow and experience;

EU to promote at national level:

Long-term, low-interest loans – possibly with support of EU guarantee fund;
VAT policies which promote refurbishment
One fund /point of reference for energy efficiency providers;
Development of reliable market for energy efficiency provision;
Address regulatory obstacles to local energy provision;
Fair solutions to the split incentive;
nZEB Roadmaps which integrate the human dimension including the cost
Long-term regulatory frameworks which guarantee continuity;