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IMPULSE: a European pilot project for the energy upgrading of Public Buildings

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IMPULSE introduces an integrated support system concerning energy upgrading projects for Public Buildings.


The Project is coordinated by the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) and is implemented in the context of the European Programme Interreg MED 2014-2020 with the co-funding of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In Greece, the Project’s pilot implementation is realised by the Municipality of Heraklion through the Department of European Programmes, while the Regional Development Fund of Crete (RDFC) is an associated partner.


The Project is a transnational collaboration of Energy Agencies and Municipalities of the European Mediterranean region, aiming at the pilot implementation of Trans-Mediterranean protocols for the elaboration of affordable energy upgrading plans for Municipal Buildings. The pilot implementation takes place in 6 representative Mediterranean cities: Heraklion-Greece, Elche-Spain, Cannes-France, Ravenna-Italy, Osijek-Croatia, and Mostar-Bosnia & Herzegovina. In the context of the project, 370 municipal Mediterranean Buildings have been classified into representative groups while at the same time the dynamic energy simulation of 65 “Ambassadors” Buildings has been completed.


Learn more on IMPULSE website and channel.