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New innovative low pressure airtightness device for construction sites under development. BUILT2SPEC project

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Within the framework of the BUILT2SPEC project, a new airtightness device suitable for construction sites, is being developed for integration with the Built2Spec Self-Inspection Platform. The output will be available directly on the device itself and exportable to a smart phone app developed for this project. The device operates based on a novel low pressure air pulse airtightness technique by the University of Nottingham which allows testing of occupied buildings with no disruption. The technique is quicker, cheaper, more portable and more accurate than the conventional blower door technique.


The project is expected to bring more innovative tools including thermal Imaging devices and software accessible from smartphone infrared cameras, an advanced portable Indoor Air Quality measurement device, an improved and smaller, portable sound emission tool for on-site Acoustic Tests etc. 


For more information visit the project's website at:


Built2Spec (Built to specifications) is an EU-funded project which aims to revolutionise construction practices by introducing a new set of breakthrough technological advances - techniques & tools- for self-inspection and quality assurance to the construction site.