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Night at Museum with STARDUST

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The STARDUST partners from Trento participated at the local Museum of Science for the 2018 European Researchers’ Night by demonstrating the science behind smart cities


One the eve of the 28th of September 2018, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) and Habitech, two of the STARDUST partners stationed in the project’s fellow city of Trento, joined other local key research institutions for the events of the European Researchers’ Night (ERN) which took place at the Museum of Science (MUSE) in Trento.


The ERN is organised every year on the last Friday of September in hundreds of cities all over Europe. It is supported by the European Commission and it bring scientists and the general public together through the organisation of science shows, exhibitions, conferences and hands-on experiments. The goal is to help citizens understand and appreciate the importance of scientific research in modern society.


FBK and Habitech gave a presentation about STARDUST, which generated great interest among citizens and stakeholders. In particular, they talked about the different activities that are foreseen to take place in all three Lighthouse cities in the project, with a particular focus on Trento.


The STARDUST team in Trento did their best to address the many questions raised by the audience. Some of them focused on STARDUST’s refurbishing of selected buildings in the Madonna Bianca district. In fact, Campomarzio Architectural Study won the 1st prize in the competition for the renovation of Torri social housing complex in Trento announced by ITEA. They will redesign the towers outfits’ with a particular focus to sustainability and innovation, as foreseen in the STARDUST project.


It was understandable for the local community to ask more about it as these edifices represent one of the city’s historical symbols.


The European Researchers’ Night this year became a perfect opportunity for the local STARDUST team in Trento to present the project to both the citizens and other researchers. Their goal is to engage the local population through frequent participation in engagement initiatives, in order to encourage citizens to be the stars that will make Trento shine brighter than ever before.