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Proposed ASHRAE/ACCA Standard for energy audits open for public comment

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A proposed joint standard from ASHRAE and ACCA, establishing consistent practices for conducting and reporting energy audits, is open for a 45-day American National Standards Institute (ANSI) public review.


Standard 211P, Standard for Commercial Building Energy Audits, defines the procedures required to perform ASHRAE Level 1, 2 and 3 Energy Audits and provide a common scope of work for these audit levels for use by building owners and others; it also establishes standardised industry practices and minimum reporting requirements for the results.


An initial Advisory Public Review (non-ANSI) of the standard that closed in December 2015 resulted in more than 600 comments from some 100 people. Changes made as a result of that review include:


  • Expansion of scope to include multi-family residential buildings.
  • Modification of requirements for energy auditor qualifications.
  • Addition of specific guidance around the energy audit quality control process
  • Improvement of reporting forms for usability.
  • Review of reporting formats for compatibility with BuildingSync, the DOE protocol for transmitting energy audit data with XML files.
  • Addition of optional input guidance for compatibility with the DOE’s Asset Score rating approach for existing building assessments.
  • Updated procedures guidance to be more audit customer-oriented and include measures for reasons beyond energy-savings benefits.
  • Refined guidance about Level 3 procedures.
  • Clarified actions for energy auditors vs what may be supervised.
  • Removal of energy efficiency measure recommendations appendix (these are found in ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 100-2006, Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings).
  • Addition of guidance for Building Energy Model Calibration.
  • Edits based on reviewer comments to make the standard more usable, clear and effective.



ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 211P is open for public comment from 5 August to 19 September 2016. You can learn more or comment here.


See also the relevant ASHRAE webpage at the link below.