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Report of the Workshop on “Financing opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Social Housing” now available online!

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The members of the nearly-Zero Energy Challenge Warm/Mediterranean Climates TaskForce met in Barcelona on the 13th of February, 2014, to discuss tools available to finance energy efficiency in social housing.  This report has now become available.

As result of the event, the report “Financing opportunities for energy efficiency in social housing” was drafted in order to highlight the discussions and outcomes from the conference and study visit held. The report concludes with some recommendations for social housing providers in warm/Mediterranean climates in order for them to take advantage of the finance opportunities in energy efficiency offered by the EU and other schemes available in their countries.

In a nutshell, the existing financial mechanisms that were presented at the conference show further possibilities of improving the energy efficiency  of buildings in combination with the EU structural funds.  In particular, Energy Performance Contracting through ESCOs or public third-party investment operators, has the potential to develop and stimulate the market for the deep renovation of buildings. As the EPC is generally suitable for financing energy efficiency measures with short or medium payback, combining this with EU finance instruments and other financial schemes could support comprehensive energy efficiency projects with longer payback periods. There is, therefore, a need to improve the framework conditions for utilising EPC and other finance instruments and for housing providers to further explore the full use of these financial mechanisms in deep renovation projects.

Download the report “Financing opportunities for energy efficiency in housing” below.