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Udformning og styring af energirigtige gulvvarmeanlæg

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The purpose of this project has been to create a guide for projecting/dimensioning and controlling floor heating system in BR2005 houses with low energy consumption.

Focusing on energy consumption and indoor thermal climate the following topics have been investigated:

• Light and Heavy floor heating system

• Insulation thickness in the floor construction

• Linear thermal transmittance at foundation/floor construction

• Control of the floor heating system

Supply temperature

Supply temperature controlled by the outdoor temperature

Night lowering of the room temperature

Start/stop difference (Dead band)

• Room temperature and energy consumption

• Floor coverings

• Bath rooms with floor heating

The work have been done using the simulation tool FHSim /1/.

In this project a new model of a floor heating construction was built in FHSim /2/, as a part of a PhD.-project. With this model it is possible with FHSim to simulate the 2-dimensional heat flux at the connection between the foundation and floor construction. The programme FHSim is described in chapter 4.