Aarhus Municipality complex - new wing

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PROJECTS | ENERGY DESIGN | NEXT PROJECT Low-energy/Passive Office Building The building is a new wing to the existing Aarhus Municipality complex, located in a development zone in the port area, and is set to become a highly visible landmark to the area and to energy conscious design. The 7-storey building presents a slender profile towards the port and the city, and generous façade-openings along its length. A special solar-panel and solar wall system highlights the energy-conscious approach, and forms part of the facades composition of glazing and natural stone. Designed with emphasis on the requirements of a good workplace, interior climate and comfort and low energy consumption have been the guiding principles. The south façade's integrated inclined solar-panel system also provides shading for the deeply recessed, glazed openings. Furthermore, solar air pre-heating, vacuum-insulations and energy-accumulating, phase-shifting materials are all part of the overall energy concept. The performance targets set by the client includes the reduction of heat consumption to a maximum of 15 kWh/m²/year, equivalent to passive-house standards. The air-tightness of the construction is subsequently designed to be twice as efficient as Danish norms demand.

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