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Cultural and festive center: L’Etoile in Châteaurenard

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BDM Approach: Silver level for construction phase
Program: The former movie theater and the Etoile room was retrofitted and converted into two new functional spaces:  a multipurpose room that can accommodate approximately 900 people as well as an auditorium for 270 people.

Municipality of Châteaurenard has participated in the “AGIR pour l’Energie-Villes lauréates” program (Act for energy-winner cities) since 2008. L'Etoile is a pilot project chosen by the city as part of this program. Therefore making this an exemplary project.

Restructuring of the old movie theaters and l'Etoile room into a cultural center and reaching the BBC Effinergie Renovation level is a priority for the city especially as it creates the revitalization of the downtown area.

The main objective of this reorganization is to respond to the urgent need expressed by associations from Châteaurenard while making exemplary and "pedagogical" installations available from an environmental quality standpoint.

The pre-programming phase incorporating an environmental approach in accordance with the Codebaque and EPC (Energy performance certificate) charters has required the intervention of an Assitant to the contracting authority specialized in Environmental Quality. The programming phase helps to determine, with all project stakeholders, future needs and tenure of the building as well as energy and environmental objectives. Energy consumption (Cep) 40% lower than reference consumption (CEPref) without photovoltaic production has been settled. Proper design studies on energy aspects helps to compare several energy solutions as well as different systems adapted to expected environments and comforts (...)


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