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KOMFORT HUSENE - Comfort houses

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KOMFORT HUSENE will show the way for buildings with passive heating in Denmark. In the course of 2007, the first ground will be broken on Denmark’s largest development project to date of single-family houses with no heating systems and with an optimal indoor climate. The aim of the project is to spread knowledge about buildings with passive heating and to set the agenda both for future construction and for the energy policy debate. The project will involve a large number of stakeholders, so it will also operate as a learning process. KOMFORT HUSENE must inspire and be ”living” examples of how perfectly ordinary single-family houses can be built using the passive heating concept. KOMFORT HUSENE contain the answers to current energy and environmental issues: • The energy consumption for heating is close to zero • The contribution to carbon emissions is therefore very low • Home comfort, including indoor climate and low allergen content, is high KOMFORT HUSENE therefore have the potential to shape the concept of future Danish single-family houses, focusing on increased comfort and environmental sustainability.

Saint Gobain Isover a/s is the instigator of the project which builds on international experience

Behind the initiative is Saint Gobain Isover a/s. In its capacity as the world’s leading producer of insulation materials, the ISOVER group has a natural interest in promoting knowledge of how to reduce a building’s energy consumption. At international level, ISOVER is an active contributor to many projects using passive heating. Know-how and experience are harnessed together in the concept of the ISOVER MultiComfort House.

This knowledge is now being transferred to Denmark, where the aim is to build up a network of architects, contractors, consultants, standard house builders and manufacturers of building materials who will work to spread the passive house concept.

The KOMFORT HUSENE project in the Skibet area is based on the company KOMFORT HUSENE A/S, which is jointly owned by Zeta Invest A/S and Middelfart Sparekasse (Savings Bank). Both have sound experience in the housing market.

The houses will be designed and built in accordance with Danish building practice. Sizes are expected to vary between 170 and 250 square metres.

Construction is expected to start in the third quarter of 2007, and the houses will be put up for sale at the end of the exhibition in the third quarter of 2008.

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The KOMFORT HUSENE in the Skibet area are seen as a beacon. They will let the Danish construction industry showcase its contribution to meeting the aims of the Kyoto Protocol. Knowledge and expertise concentrated in a dynamic enterprise, a nucleus in which for the first time technologies and methods have the opportunity to work together on a large scale and be part of the house without radiators. KOMFORT HUSENE also point the way for national and local politicians. Here they can see a whole housing development with no heating systems, and get an idea of the route we can take to protect the environment for the future. They can be inspired and include the concept in legislation and local planning. KOMFORT HUSENE are a vision of the future for single-family houses, helping to reduce carbon emissions, cutting almost all heating costs and providing an optimal indoor climate.

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Thursday, 1 March, 2007 to Thursday, 18 December, 2008

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Tuesday, 1 September, 2009