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Montferland, 61 dwellings for sale and rent; energy-neutral

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Montferland (picture Energiesprong)

Montferland (Picture Energiesprong)

The focus of the 61 houses for sale and rent in Montferland is on energy saving, living comfort, sustainability and the quality of the urban development as well as the architectural design. The initiative was taken by the housing corporation Bergh and soon the municipality of Montferland became involved. They have shared the ambition of energy neutral from the beginning. Parties were invited to tender for a design and construction contract which offers, within a given budget and, as much as feasibly possible, quality plans for dwellings.


The houses have an insulation value of Rc=6, triple glazing and low temperature heating and cooling. The dwelling will have shower heat recovery, PV panels and a heatpump combined with a gas boiler. The dwellings with the highest ambition will also have a solar thermal collector. User behavior is an important export for the consortium partners. Residents, both tenants and buyers will be actively involved in this project. The goal is to raise consciousness of their own influence to lower energy demand.

This will be done by

  • handing out coupons to residents for the purchase of new, energy-efficient equipment ( A + + label);
  • the use of ¨standby¨ killers which will turn off the device when in standby mode;
  • encourage residents to avoid using tumble dryers



Consortium partners:

Woningstichting Bergh, gemeente Montferland, Aardvast, Berentsen Communicatie en W/E adviseurs, Goldewijk met ARX, Dusseldorp, Green M2, Staringadvies, Daas Baksteen, Ordelman en Dijkman installaties, Hendriksen Prefab, Stadsregio Arnhem Nijmegen, Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen (HAN), Provincie Gelderland and Rabobank Graafschap Zuid.


Acronym of the case


Lessons learnt

On the website: there is section which is dedicated to sharing knowledge. There are several documents regarding the evaluation of both the process and the concept which has been applied.

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Start date - End date

Thursday, 1 August, 2013 to Tuesday, 31 December, 2013

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