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Super fast renovation system for dwellings in Kerkrade

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Demo house Kerkrade

Demonstration house Kerkrade

Super fast renovation of a dwelling in occupied state in 8 days. The renovation includes a passive house standard for the building envelope, solar electrical panels, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, etc.


Kerkrade: Super fast renovation system in populated state, in eight days and including solar energy

That means a very low energy and a good interior climate by insulation and ventilation. All homes will have an integrated solar system on the roof, making the homes generate electricity back into the grid. Residents are encouraged to look critically at their energy. Expectations are that this approach will reduce the energy bills of houses by €100 per month.
The environment is improved, including new playgrounds, public parks, fences and parking.

Particulars of the renovation
209 homes in the Dahlia

Street and other streets (Kaalheide, Kerkrade-West)
- for rent and for sale (204 + 5)
- renovation to passive house level
- power generation through solar panels
- in eight days
- in occupied state
- systems integration in facade and roof, "plug and play '
- roof integrated solar system

Innovative renovation concept
Hestia group focuses on the renovation of the type of houses that exist in abundance in the Netherlands from the 60s and 70s which are beginning to show
signs of wear.

In this project there are four housing types:

  • detached houses with pitched roofs,

  • houses with flat roofs

  • ground floor dwellings 

  • apartments

They are also for rent and for sale, which makes the project more complex and interesting.

The houses have completely new facades, a new roof with solar panels, an HR combi boiler and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. They are smart solutions, due to be implemented on a large scale, which creates a standard for sustainable and ambitious housing renovation.
The Parties shall apply a system renovation, the challenge is that it takes place while being occupied. As an example, a new prefabricated facade is applied the same day, so that the dwelling is closed during the night. This approach leads to very rapid renovation in just eight days time.

The use of solar panels will decrease the electricity bills by an average of 40€ each month.

Residents charges reduced
Maurice Vincken, project leader of Hestia group, says that after the renovation, the region will have a CO2 reduction of 50% from building-related and user-related savings. The renovation to passive house level in eight days is exciting but he personally finds it more exciting to see if the residents are more aware of their energy use after renovation. "Of course residents will make a substantial savings on their energy bills but whether they get the maximum benefit out of it also depends on their behavior. If you leave the windows open or take very long showers, you will notice on gas bill. Many residents seem unaware of this. We give them extensive instruction after the renovation on how to best use the new installations. We do this verbally, on paper and also on DVD. Furthermore, we might link to an energy competition. "

Guarantee panels
The innovative application of an integrated solar system : a combination of solar collectors (for hot water)
and solar (for power generation) improves the aesthetics of the house.

  Residents pay a monthly fee for the use of solar panels. This contribution is part of the rent and is half the amount the property is expected to generate with electricity. We will extensively monitor whether our assumptions are correct. If the contribution of residents exceeds the electricity generated, we will refund the difference. A resident will be sure he knows his benefits. This helps to guarantee the residents agreement with the renovation. Without their consent, the renovation will not be applied.

For the renovation  the occupier pays a rent increase of an average of €35 per month.  This is not guaranteed as the savings is directly dependant on the residents behaviour.

Positive comments by residents
It is technically and organizationally challenging to get around everything, finds Maurice Vincken.The project is a valuable pilot for Hestia Group. "The consultation plans with the residents have been made, three model homes are complete and the home visits have started. Up to now, the reactions are positive. Residents see their home are much better thanks to the renovation and are pleased that their energy bills have gone sharply down. But we're not there yet. Even We are still in conversation with the homeowners. 

Renovation is much more durable than new build construction, especially if the resident does not have to relocate temporarily, as in this project. "


Status 1 April 2012
The renovation of three (empty) model homes has been completed. The following renovation to take place will be a model home type house with a flat roof.
The experiences from the model homes are used in the renovation of other dwellings.
All residents receive (per dwelling unit) an invitation to come and see the model homes, so that everyone can form a good picture of the renovation. They receive extensive information. More than 50 residents have visited the model homes.

The renovation is expected late May / early June 2012.

The group Public Space held a district inspection on 2 February. The habitat improvement starts after the renovation of housing is completed.
More information on / work on neighborhoods / Kerkrade / Kaalheide
Woonmaatschappij Hestia group
Tenants Council Kerkrade
Municipality Kerkrade




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Super fast renovation

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Wednesday, 9 May, 2012

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Energie saving for the tenants and home owners