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Commission guidance on how to implement revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive provisions on building renovation

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Revisions of the EPBD as the first dossier in the Clean energy for all Europeans package

Revisions of the EPBD as the first dossier in the Clean energy for all Europeans package

Answering the need of clarification of the Member States, the EU commission released a document with the recommendation for implementing the amended EPBD into national operative laws.


Full transposition and effective implementation of the amended EPBD is fundamental to support the achievement of 2030 energy efficiency targets and to put the Union on track for the full decarbonisation of national building stocks by 2050.


The key point is to create a clear path towards achieving a low and zero-emission building stock in the Union by 2050, underpinned by national roadmaps with milestones and domestic progress indicators, and by public and private financing and investment.


Member States must now adopt national long-term renovation strategies with a solid finance component to ensure the renovation of existing buildings into highly energy efficient and decarbonised buildings and facilitating the cost-effective transformation of all existing buildings into nearly zero-energy buildings.


The aim of these Recommendations is to ensure a uniform understanding across Member States in the preparation of their transposition measures, keeping in mind that this does not alter the legal effects of the directive itself.


Check here the whole document: