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EmBuild project: Template for public sector renovation strategies

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BPIE’s 5-phase approach to renovation strategy development

EmBuild template for public sector renovation strategies. A guide for public authorities


This guidance and template aims to be a useful tool to support public authorities in developing renovation strategies, with a particular focus on the renovation of public buildings. Such strategies should encourage renovation of all buildings, but as a minimum, renovation of the buildings owned by public authorities, which have a key role to play in stimulating the market energy efficiency improvements in the entire building stock.


For small and medium sized municipalities, the renovation of public building could be considered “lighthouse projects”, which can demonstrate the potential of building renovation and stimulate the market, to achieve greenhouse gas reductions. Renovation of public buildings could be financed partly by EU funds, alleviating the financial burden from the municipalities. With regard to the residential building stock, a longer term approach to driving investment decisions is key.


Renovation strategies should cover the following elements:

1. An overview of the building stock based, as appropriate, on statistical sampling
2. Identification of cost-effective approaches to renovations relevant to the building type and climatic zone
3. Policies and measures to stimulate cost-effective deep renovations of buildings, including staged deep renovations
4. A forward-looking perspective to guide investment decisions of individuals, the construction industry and financial institutions; and
5. An evidence-based estimate of expected energy savings and wider benefits.

This is in line with what is required for national renovation strategies. Therefore, this guidance is structured according to each of these elements. The focus is on renovation of public buildings but this guidance can also be relevant to strategies targeting renovation of commercial residential buildings.


Read the full report here.


The analysis was done within the framework of the EU-funded project, EmBuild.