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Enquiry analysis of the CEN-standards on ventilation and air conditioning. Recommendations

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The CENSE-project (2007-2010) was initiated by the European Commission to improve acceptance and use of the CEN-standards, which were developed to analyse the energy performance of buildings according to the EPBD. One of the project’s major goals is to identify problems concerning the standards’ content and their implementation via questionnaires and workshops and to formulate recommendations for improvement. Per cluster of standards on a specific subject technical recommendations have been prepared by the CENSE teams who focused on a specific subset of the CEN-EPBD standards. This report deals with the following standards: EN 15241, EN 15242 and EN 13779 on air flow, ventilation and ventilation systems, EN 15243 on room conditioning systems , EN 15232 on inspection. This report also deals with analysis of feed back related to the country regulations about software linked to the EPBD transpositions and options.