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EU Invests in the Planet: Ten Initiatives for a Modern and Clean Economy

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The Juncker Commission's contribution to the One Planet Summit, Paris, 12 December 2017



At the One Planet Summit, which took place in Paris on 12 December 2017 marking the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement, the European Commission presented ten initiatives in a new Action Plan for the Planet to show how the EU is working to create a modern economy and a fair society, powered by sustainable energy.


The ten initiatives area;


  1. Putting the Financial Sector at the Service of the Climate
  2. EU External investment Plan - Opportunities for Africa and the EU Neighbourhood region
  3. Urban Investment Support for European Cities
  4. Clean Energy for Islands Initiative
  5. Structural Support Action for Coal and Carbon Intensive Regions
  6. European Youth for Climate Action
  7. Smart Finance for Smart Buildings Investment Facility
  8. EU Rulebook for Investment in Energy Performance of Buildings
  9. Investing in Clean Industrial Technologies
  10. Clean, Connected and Competitive Mobility

This brochure provides a succinct presentation of the new Action Plan and the ten initiatives, as well as the European Union's  past and future actions towards these goals.





  • Ten Initiatives for a Modern and Clean Economy
  • Two Years of Action: A modern EU Framework for Long-Term Investments and Economic Growth
  • Public Opinion: European Citizens Demand Investment in the transition towards a low carbon society
  • Economic, Social and Environmental Indicators: A Trend of Green Growth
  • From Policy to Reality: The Energy Union Tour and Climate Projects under the European Investment Plan
  • Roadmap to a Sustainable Future: Paving the Way for the EU at 27


You can download the brochure in English and French at the links below.


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