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The Future of Building Optimization & Commissioning Services

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Market Drivers, Barriers & Trends



This report by the AABC Commissioning Group provides a succinct course on future trends in demand for building optimisation and commissioning services. Topics range from building envelope commissioning and onsite energy generation to demand for new technology from building owners and operators.



Learning objectives


  • Understand the market drivers and barriers affecting the adoption of building commissioning in commercial buildings
  • Understand the dynamics shaping offering classes of commissioning services
  • Understand the technological trends in the commissioning market with specific focus on the demand for new technology from building owners and operators
  • Understand how perspectives on commissioning services vary on a global basis and how examples of commissioning successes will generate increased demand.




  • With low barriers to entry and a growing market, competition is increasing, driving costs down
  • Growth for commissioning providers will be difficult, as existing markets will become more competitive and scaling up does not provide substantial improvements in efficiency.
  • Modest technological improvements to the commissioning process have been made, such as the use of electronic documentation and cloud storage
  • Even as awareness and education among building owners remain a hurdle, growth in monitoring-based commissioning is expected as commissioning agents incorporate the technology into their process


You can download the report at the link provided below.