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New Construction Building Commissioning Best Practices

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The Building Commissioning Association (BCA) is composed of commissioning providers, building owners, engineers, architects, contractors, and users of commissioning services in their day-to-day operations. BCA’s purpose is to serve the building community by upholding best practices and to be the industry resource for support, education, and advocacy for the profession of building commissioning. Members represent a broad cross-section of interests and are associated with many sectors of the facilities and construction community. The BCA considers that the basic purpose of commissioning is to provide documented confirmation that building systems and assemblies function in compliance with criteria set forth in the Project Documents to satisfy the owner's operational needs.


New construction commissioning has matured as an industry practice. Codes, standards, guidelines, protocols and certifications have been created to define and clarify the commissioning process. Some fundamental elements of the process have been enhanced, modified, redefined or de-emphasized and new  elements added. Some elements are not well implemented or understood. Subsequently, the BCA felt that updating the best practices document would help distill the long list of guidelines and longer list of tasks into primary activities that distill the long list of guidelines and longer list of tasks into primary activities that represent the ideal commissioning process, applicable to most building types and projects.


The BCA is committed to defining best practices in the building commissioning industry and to providing documents that describe these practices and offer practical solutions to issues in the industry. Best Practices documents that communicate sound processes and a generally accepted ideal standard of care have been developed by the BCA for both existing buildings and new construction. These Best Practices have been shown over time to be justified in a wide variety of systems and building types.


In 2015, the BCA Best Practices Committee worked to revise the New Construction Best Practices. Newer guidelines and standards were referenced such as ASHRAE Standard 202-2013 Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems. The revised version includes minor clarifications to a number of terms and concepts. It also includes added detail to the description of construction checklists, test readiness tasks, functional testing scripts, testing rigor, and training and the addition of a systems integration meeting during design, a requirement for trend analysis and facilitation of closing all issues during occupancy and operations.



You can download the document at the link below.