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QUALICHeCK FACT SHEET #4: European voluntary rating programme of cool roofing products

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This QUALICHeCK fact sheet presents, analyses and evaluates the voluntary cool roofing products rating programme developed by the European Cool Roofs Council  (ECRC) with the purpose to provide uniform and credible radiative properties of roofing products and materials, measured by an ECRC accredited/approved testing laboratory.


After presenting an extensive evaluation of the programme, the report summarises its pros and cons  as follows:




  • Voluntary scheme, free access to database
  • Provides easy access to harmonised data
  • Reduces the risk of wrong or incomplete data, thus contributing to more surely compliant data




  • Interesting if a sufficient number of manufacturers and products are covered
  • Only surface properties of roofing materials
  • Compliance is not fully guaranteed


The report also concludes that time is needed to implement this scheme and that there is a need to promote the scheme so that the market asks for it. Furthermore, the report stresses the fact that the scheme has to be continuously updated (new products or testing methods).



To download the fact sheet, please visit the relevant QUALICHeCK webpage.