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Croatia - Pillar I


To define and quantify the needs and possibilities of the Croatian building sectors in contributing to the achievement of ambitious national energy efficiency (EE) targets.


Creation of the workforce with sufficient knowledge or specialisation in the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings; legislative and policy measures need to be developed in turn to trigger the market evaluation of the qualified workforce.

In order to contribute to achieving the ambitious national EE targets, project CROSKILLS intends to:

Analyse the national status quo;

Develop a national roadmap for establishing a system of lifelong training of building workers in the field of energy efficiency;

Provide for the endorsement of the national roadmap and thus as well provide for a system of market evaluation of qualified workforce;


Practical knowledge of specialized on-site workers facilitates an increased deployment of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy sources (RES) into the construction sector daily practices.

Authorities, professionals and investors enforce the control of the quality of a nearly zero-energy building construction process.

Knowledge guarantees a high quality work performance.

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University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering Ivana Banjad Pečur

Project patner(s)

Knauf Insulation Ltd.
Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
United Nations Development Programme Croatia
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture
School of Buildings and Crafts of Čakovec
Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts
Regional Environmental Center