An effective handling of thermal bridges in the EPBD context - Final report of the IEE ASIEPI work on thermal bridges

The ASIEPI project has collected and analysed international and national information from up to 17 EU Member States plus Norway on the topic of thermal bridges in buildings. Seven different aspects have been addressed, ranging from EU Member States...
For many of these items it can be said that various at least partly high quality material is available in most of the EU Member States (like software tools for calculating thermal bridges, thermal bridges atlases and promotion of good...

Décret n° 2010-349 du 31 mars 2010 relatif à l’inspection des systèmes de climatisation et des pompes à chaleur réversibles

This French regulation transposes article 9 of the EPBD about inspection of air-conditioning systems.

Build Green CEE

The event is designed to provide a low-cost opportunity to learn about multiple countries with emerging markets for green building solutions and to provide information on market demand and regulatory frameworks for companies interested to export...

Array A two-day low-cost conference organized by the Romania, Poland and Hungary GBCs with a focus on the CEE region – to explore the improving business case for eco-efficient design and sustainable construction in an environment of...

Executive summary report of the interim conclusions of the EPBD Concerted Action now available

To support EU countries in the implementation of the EPBD, the Concerted Action (CA) EPBD was launched by the European Commission to promote dialogue and exchange of best practice between them. An intensely active forum of national authorities from...
The CA EPBD (2007 – 2010) is organized around 5 Core Themes (CTs): Certification of Buildings, Inspections of Boilers and AC systems, Training of Experts, Procedures for Characterization of Energy Performance, and Information Campaigns....

Inspection of air-conditioning systems in the context of allowed electrical energy usage and potential savings

On the basis of Slovenian regulation, ten selected buildings and air-conditioning systems in Slovenia have been analyzed. Annual energy for heating and cooling has been determined, as well as energy conservation opportunities.

Entretien annuel des chaudières fioul de 4 à 400 kW

This brochure explains and shows to maintenance experts in France how to operate an annual inspection and maintenance of oil boilers up to 400 kW in the framework of the transposition of article 8 of the EPBD in the French legislation.

Entretien annuel des chaudières de puissance nominale comprise entre 4 et 400 kW - Fiches techniques

This guide about annual boilers maintenance as required by the French transposition of Article 8 of the EPBD explains to professionals the content of the French regulation and gives practical guidelines for this annual maintenance.

Rozporządzenie Ministra Finansów [...] w sprawie obowiązkowego ubezpieczenia odpowiedzialności cywilnej osoby sporządzającej świadectwa charakterystyki energetycznej budynku [...] stanowiącej samodzielną całość techniczno-użytkową

The ordinance of the Polish Minister of Finance of December 28, 2009 (published in Journal of Laws no. 224, item 1802) introduces obligatory civil liability insurance for experts issuing energy performance certificates for buildings. The ordinance...
The new requirement protects both the experts issuing certificates and their clients, building owners and developers. Insured experts protect their solvency in case their mistake causes a damage. The clients can feel safer, because they...