Concerted Action on Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD)

The Concerted Action EPBD (CA EPBD) addresses the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). It aims to contribute to the reduction of energy use in European buildings, through the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the...

Arrêté du 16 octobre 2006 définissant les critères de certification des compétences des personnes physiques réalisant le diagnostic de performance énergétique et les critères d'accréditation des organismes de certification

French regulation defining the criteria to be fulfilled by the experts and by the certification bodies of experts for the certification of the energy performance of buildings

Specification for assessor training programmes for: building energy rating (BER) of new dwellings

The Irish EPBD Implementation Group is an interdepartmental group which is responsible for implementing the EPBD in Ireland. On 6 October 2006, the Group published a training specification for Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessor Training...

Handleiding installatie performance scan - Uw helpende hand bij installatieoptimalisatie

In December 2006, the Netherlands introduced a new tool for inspection-based advice on air-conditioning and heating installations, called the Installatie Performance Scan. It was developed as part of the implementation of the EPBD in the Netherlands...

Requirements for experts and inspectors, present status

The objective of this Information Paper is to provide guidance on the implementation of Article 10 of the EPBD which is concerned with the requirements of experts and inspectors. It discusses interpretation of the requirements and summarises Member...

Inspection and auditing of air-conditioning facilities in Europe – A new efficiency target

The paper details the EPBD article 9 on the inspection of air conditioning systems and explains its scope, objectives and stakes. Indeed, too costly or too frequent inspections could create market distortions by leading building owners to prefer low...

Issues of the implementation of the EPBD article 9 : how and why to inspect all air conditioning systems all over Europe?

The objective of the inspection of air conditioning systems is to realise energy efficient improvement and its achievements depend on the implementation Member States will select. Depending on those decisions, the huge cost of such an inspection...

Experimentation of the CEN standard on inspection of air conditioning systems

The paper presents the first results of few simulations of inspection on real air-conditioning installations in ordre to check the feasibility, the efficiency and to determine the blanks of procedures proposed by the CEN standard. From Using...