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BUS Projects


THE MAIN GOAL: To define and quantify the needs and possibilities of the Croatian building sectors in contributing to the achievement of ambitious national energy efficiency (EE) targets. ESSENTIAL: Creation of the workforce with sufficient...
BUS Projects


The objective of this project is to pave the ground for the significant improvement of the skills of the workforce in the Building sector in Cyprus making the enterprises and their employees, specifically those in relevant occupations, capable of...
BUS Projects


Reaching of the 2020 energy and climate change objectives represents a major challenge to the construction sector, which needs to be ready to deliver high energy performing renovations and, in particular, nearly zero energy buildings. This goal...
BUS Projects


The main outputs of the project were two reports namely: National Status Quo report: This gives a snapshot of the current situation in the building industry with a focus on matters related to energy efficiency and RES. This report was essential as...
BUS Projects

The Nederlands

BuildUpSkillsNL unites national forces to increase the number of qualified ‘blue collar’ workers covering all relevant crafts and professions in order to meet the 2020 objectives in the built environment. A national energy-efficiency and renewable...
BUS Projects


WE-Qualify aims to help the building sector of Cyprus to overcome the skills gap barrier facing the sector and especially the lack of competent qualified blue-collar workers for the construction of energy efficient buildings by the installation of...
BUS Projects


The BUILD UP Skills SWEBUILD project is the first step in strengthening qualifications for an adequately educated building workforce in Sweden regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy. Targeting craftsmen, construction workers and installers...
BUS Projects


The project aims to develop tools and methodologies to set up training systems to increase the knowledge, skills and competences of workers in the field of buildings refurbishment in order to intensify the introduction of Renewable Energy Sources...
BUS Projects


BUILD UP Skills UPSWING aims at developing three large scale fully functional training and qualification schemes for 3 professions with substantiated great impact on the energy upgrade of buildings in Greece. Initially, the specific training schemes...
BUS Projects


The aim of the project is to develop and validate training schemes at EQF level 3 for workers in the building sector, improving their competences in sustainable building, according to Pillar I of Build Up Skills Italy initiative.