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BUS Projects


Build Up Skills Finland is an Intelligent Energy Europe funded project aiming at improved energy efficiency competence of construction workers in different phases of the building process. Reliable information, skilled workforce and competent...
BUS Projects


The project works towards the elaboration & endorsement of a national qualification roadmap to enhance the achievement of the 2020 energy targets through up-to-date education & training schemes for the building workforce. It will be...
BUS Projects


The Estonian BUILDEST project (Development of the Estonian Continuing Education and Training Roadmap and Action Plan for the Building Sector to 2020) was part of the Build Up Skills project implemented by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness...
BUS Projects


The consortium consisting of 9 participants: 5 regional planning and administration institutions, 1 public commercial institution and 3 professional building associations representing 89 companies and more than 900 construction experts and...
BUS Projects


In contributing to the achievement of ambitious objectives of the energy and climate package, the building sector has a major role to play. Shaping energy policy should always entail measures to improve energy efficiency of buildings as the building...
BUS Projects


Since well qualified construction workers are one of the key factors for achieving significant contribution towards the 2020 energy efficiency objectives, in both the national and EU levels, the Project "BUILD UP Skills - Greece" (BUS-GR...
BUS Projects

Czech Republic

The project BUILD UP Skills Czech Republic aims to provide training to on-site workers to successfully meet the requirements of the EPBD II, which puts high requirements for energy efficiency in buildings to the EU Member States. The BuildUpCz...
BUS Projects


The aim of the project is to create a voluntary qualification system (quality labelling) based on the participatory strategy and actions of the Sustainable Construction Skill Alliance. It entails: • On the one hand, reinforcing the up-to-date...
BUS Projects


The BUILDEST II project focuses on delivering two types of results: 1) Preparation of training schemes and materials for trainers, with pilot implementation and 2) Preparation of training schemes for qualified and non-qualified construction...
BUS Projects


FORESEE will focus on three core areas: building envelope, renewable and efficient use of electricity, heating and cooling, each of them associated to specific vocational training, to ensure a steady flow of skill workers. The project aims to tackle...