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Energy Efficiency: MEPs set to choose between ‘stop’ or ‘continue’, sais Coalition for Energy Savings

Alternative proposals on the Energy Efficiency Directive jeopardise European industry and citizens’ energy bills     Coalition for Energy Savings press release, 20 November 2017       An alternative set of...

OVERVIEW | Three times smart: Users, Buildings, and Electricity Grid

  Learnings for the development of the Smartness Indicator from an Austrian research and demonstration project     by Susanne Geissler (SERA energy & resources, Vienna)     This Overview Article presents selected...

Support for setting up an observatory of the building stock and related policies

This report sums up the work done in the scope of the Building Stock Observatory project from February 1, 2015 to June 31, 2016.   According to the report, good governance and policy making require monitoring and periodic evaluations of the impact...

EU Covenant of Mayors and World Alliance for Efficient Solutions join forces to scale up climate action

A Memorandum of Understanding between the EU Covenant of Mayors and the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions was signed on 16 November 2017 during the EU Energy Day conference in Bonn, in the framework of the COP 23 UN Climate Change Conference...

BEEM-UP project

  Building Energy Efficiency for Massive market UPtake     BEEM-UP was a Public Private Partnership collaborative project that aimed to demonstrate the economic, social and technical feasibility of retrofitting initiatives for...

EU Green week 2018: Green cities for a greener future

The next edition of EU Green Week, with the theme ‘Green cities for a greener future’ will take place from 21 to 25 May 2018. Organised by the European Commission, the event will explore ways in which the EU is helping cities to become better places...


Smart-e buildings - yes we can Enable the building sector to contribute to reaching the 3 x 20 objectives     IEE Smart-e buildings was a European-wide industry-led mobilisation campaign that...

E-SEAP project

European Sustainable Energy Award for Prisons     IEE E-SEAP was an award scheme that aimed to recognise prison establishments and their staff for all of their efforts towards energy sustainability. Rather than focusing...

INTENSE project

Intelligent Energy Saving Measures for Municipal housing in Central and Eastern European Countries     IEE INTENSE aimed at transferring intelligent energy saving measures for municipal housing from “old” EU Member States to “new...

EDUCATE project

Environmental Design in University Curricula and Architectural Training in Europe     The promotion of sustainability in the design of the built environment is a key-factor for addressing the challenges mankind faces in response...