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IDEAL EPBD project

Improving Dwellings by Enhancing Actions on Labelling of the EPBD     When an existing dwelling changes owner or tenant, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) requires an energy performance certificate to be issued...

SET 2018 – the 17th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies

SET 2018 –the 17th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies – is a multi–disciplinary, peer-reviewed international conference on sustainable energy sources and technologies. The event provides a forum for the exchange of latest...

SEPEMO-Build project

SEasonal PErformance factor and MOnitoring for heat pump systems in the building sector     The IEE project aimed at overcoming market barriers to a wider application of heat pumps, namely the lack of robust data on the...

EFFIBUILDING - more than 100 prototypes available for consultation

  Predicting the future of the energy efficiency solutions of buildings     EffiBUILDING, an innovative sharing platform in the energy efficiency solutions for buildings, has reached 100 prototypes which are available for...

PV TRIN project

Training of Photovoltaic Installers     The high photovoltaic market growth rates, further favoured by the EU supporting policies and the favourable national regulatory frameworks, may cause some concern to the PV industry due to...

iBROAD project

  Individual Building Renovation Roadmaps - My path towards an energy efficient home     iBRoad project, funded by the Horizon 2020 European programme, aims at exploring, designing, developing and demonstrating the concept of...


Training courses for installers of small-scale renewable energy systems in buildings     The objective of the IEE Install+RES project was to establish training courses for the qualification of trainers and the certification of...


Green-Blue-Energy Factory: Promotion and Development of Initiatives, Organizations and Investments that Improve the Use of Renewables in Industrial and Commercial Buildings     This IEE project promotes the concept of GREEN-BLUE-...

aspern + Vienna's Urban Lakeside

The focal points of the largest urban development project in Europe are the topics public space and microclimate as well as cross-building energy supply. Landmark projects will be implemented in the areas residential buildings, office/...

Sustainable quarter "Aspern"

The development concept for the new quarter in Vienna (a former airfield) demands a great deal of sustainability: overall energy strategy, sustainability criteria as financial incentives for applicants for building permits and construction...