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Armin Mayer

Program Manager, EMEA, Institute for Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls (Private (large enterprise))

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EU Public-Sector Experiences with Building Efficiency: Exploring Barriers to Performance Contracting and Deep Energy Retrofits

Building efficiency is widely acknowledged as a high-potential and costeffective means to increase Europe’s energy security, reduce carbon emissions, and create jobs. Europe’s public sector is being called upon to help realize this potential by...

Scaling Commercial Building Efficiency

Array Scaling Public and Commercial Building Efficiency The Institute for Building Efficiency (IBE) is an initiative of Johnson Controls providing timely research and market analysis on building efficiency issues in the United...

Energy Performance Contracting in the EU: Definitions, Contracts, Processes

A multitude of definitions exist for common terms used in the energy efficiency services industry. In order to demonstrate some commonalities as well as some sources of conflict or confusion among the various definitions, several are provided in...

Energy Performance Requirements for European Buildings: Cost Optimality


Unlocking the Building Retrofit Market: Commercial PACE Financing