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eTEACHER, a project for conscious energy behaviour

eTEACHER is a European project that aims to reduce energy consumption through more conscious energy behaviour of energy end-users in a wide range of buildings. eTEACHER wants to raise the energy awareness of building users by tailored methods and...

Codema - Dublin’s Energy Agency

Codema is Dublin’s Energy Agency and was set up as a not-for-profit limited company by Dublin City Council in 1997 under the SAVE II Programme of the European Union. It was one of 14 local energy agencies set up around Ireland to help local...

CoNZEBs (Cost reduction of new Nearly Zero-Energy buildings) project

CoNZEBs identifies and assesses technology solution sets that lead to significant cost reductions of new Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings. The focus of the project is on multi-family houses. Close cooperation with housing associations allows for an...

Survey - Improving Build Up together!

Hello! We are working on Build Up portal to provide you a better experience.   We are reforming the menu and we aim for an easier and clearer navigation with more insightful page titles.   The study will take approximately 5-6...

FEDARENE - ManagEnergy webinar on Financing Building Renovation

This webinar co-organised by FEDARENE & ManagEnergy Teams target targets potential applicants to the open call for proposals “Project Development Agency” and “Integrated home renovation services“ under the Horizon 2020 programme.   Many project...

NERO project (Cost reduction of new Nearly-Zero Energy Wooden)

NERO develops and demonstrates technical solutions, which significantly reduce the costs of new nearly Zero-Energy Wooden Buildings and districts compared to the current situation.   On site and nearby renewable energy system solutions are studied...

CA-RES3 project (Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive)

The CA-RES3 (Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive) is a structured and confidential dialogue between national authorities responsible for the implementation of the Directive 2009/28/EC or their nominated representatives. In the...

EEPLIANT2 project (Energy Efficiency ComPLIANT)

The key objective of EEPLIANT2 is to help deliver the intended economic and environment benefits of the EU Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Directives by increasing the rates of compliance with the energy efficiency requirements. Seventeen Market...

Clear 2.0 project (Consumers to Learn about, Engage with and Adopt Renewable energy technologies)

The successful story of the first EU funded CLEAR project (IEE 13-588) – enabling Consumers to Learn about, Engage with and Adopt Renewable energy technologies -...

Webinar on Assessing the energy performance of a building, put energy efficiency first

The countdown to transpose the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) has started! Member States have until March 2020 to translate into national law all the new requirements from the EU energy efficiency legislation affecting...