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Uncovering the Secrets to Sustainable Urban Renovation and Regeneration

Unpicking the Secrets to Sustainable Urban Renovation and Regeneration   The CITyFiED consortium met in at demonstration site Laguna de Duero, Spain 27 and 28 February 2017 to keep the project on track to achieving...

Sharing experiences and illuminating ideas: the CITyFiED community comes together

One of CITyFiED ’s main objectives is to help cities get smarter, faster. By sharing a wealth of experiences in district level renovation and regeneration, the project can be a risk-saver, cost-saver and time-saver for cities, agencies and...

CITy VOICES: Ludwigshafen

Interview with Klaus Dillinger, deputy mayor for Building, Environment and Transport in the city of Ludwigshafen, Germany   What are the latest energy efficient initiatives and smart city highlights Ludwigshafen would like to share with the...

Rooting sustainability starts on school benches

How can we prepare students for the environmental challenges ahead? One way is by showing younger generations the path towards smart cities of the future   Do young people know what a smart city is? Do they care about saving energy and preserving...

TIMELESSCITY – European Conference on Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities

CITyFiED will be co-organising TIMELESSCITY – the European Conference on Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities (1-2 March 2017, Valladolid, Spain) – a forum to gain comprehensive insights into the opportunities and challenges...

CITyFiED project: Energy back in local hands

Some examples in Europe show that cities running their own energy company can lower the energy bill for citizens   Across Europe, town and city councils are becoming increasingly interested in energy decentralisation, i.e. in producing power...

Italian cities: not only beautiful, but now they want to be smart

From North to South, different cities of the same country look for a sustainable and replicable model for energy efficiency. Udine and Salerno are among the forerunners of Italy’s smart revolution.   Italy is famous all over the...

Turkey: Izmir drives smart city development in the country

It is one of the oldest port cities in history. Located on a large bay along the Aegean Sea, Izmir has enjoyed being a gateway to the world, thanks to its favourable position, at the crossroads of western and...

CITyFiED contribution towards new advances in sustainable buildings at CESB16 Conference

CITyFiED actively contributing to new advances and trends in Sustainable Buildings     The CESB16 Conference took place 22– 24 June in Prague, Czech Republic, organized under auspices of several prestigious international...

Sound technical delivery is one of the hallmarks of latest CITyFiED project meeting: Istanbul

Lively collaboration and sound technical delivery hallmarks of latest CITyFiED project meeting   The consortium came together in Istanbul, Turkey late June 2016 to catch up on the latest developments, identify collective...