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EUSEW Energy Days inspire the next generation in Spain

In Laguna de Duero, Valladolid, Europe’s largest retrofit site is a massive undertaking designed to deliver significant energy savings and substantial reductions in CO2 emissions and improve comfort.    The CITyFiED project and local partners are...

‘Food for thought’ with the MSCD Lunch Academy at EU Sustainable Energy Week

During EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016 the My Smart City District (MSCD) cluster of 8 projects representing 25 cities across 13 countries came together to deliver five different online seminars in five days on key issues and challenges for smarter,...

Citizens increasingly become focal point at EIP Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) meeting

From factors to actors, citizens increasingly in focus at Smart Cities and Communities meeting   One of the key working groups of the European Innovation Partnership is entitled ‘Citizen Focus’. CITyFiED was one...

Smart Cities committed to action and sharing ideas

The European Innovation Platform on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) held theirgeneral assembly in Eindhoven, The Netherlands late this May. The event was a melting pot of ideas, people and policy trying to make sense of and give direction to...

Boosting cooperation between cities to fight climate change

Mayors of cities in Europe and its Mediterranean neighbourhood have committed to acting together to ensure the transition to a more energy-efficient model based on the use of renewables and the reduction of CO2 emissions   Representatives of more...

Retrofit technology & initiatives get grilled at BBQ meet up in Lund, Sweden

CITyFiED demonstration site in Lund, Sweden continues citizen engagement initiatives with afternoon BBQ and discussions about energy savings and local energy production. The event featured as a European Union ‘Energy day’ on...

EU Sustainable Energy Week ¨5 lunch academy¨ webinars on relevant EUSEW topics

Food for thought during the EU Sustainable Energy Week: 5 days, 5 key topics, 5 lunch academy webinars   My Smart City District (MSCD) is a group of like-minded European Smart Cities projects representing 8 projects, 25 cities...

The clustering effect: replicating CITyFiED technologies in 11 city districts

The project’s model for evaluation of replication potential is a framework to help the CITyFiED city cluster to review the individual replication potential of the technologies implemented on their demo sites.    One part of the model consists of a...

CITyFiED project: Importance of community dialogue in first retrofit roll out in Valladolid

In the loop: community feedback part of the process at Europe’s largest deep renovation site   Significant improvements to energy efficiency often mean lengthy inconveniences to residents. In the Torrelago district of Valladolid,...

CITyFiED project members exchange ideas: Udine Italy

Cities switched on to the energy and environment challenge   Municipalities, energy agencies and technical experts met in Udine, Italy to learn from one another face-to-face and channel the knowledge generated by the ...