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CITyFiED teams up with MySmartCityDistrict as a way to leverage more synergy for greater replicability

The start of 2015 has seen CITyFiED sign up to a group of fellow Smart City projects under the name MySmartCityDistrict (MSCD). Three other projects all aimed at moving us towards a sustainable urban future make up the group that was set up during...

Towards near-zero energy consumption at district level: CITyFiED Project

Citizens living in near-zero energy districts will make significant savings and benefit from an increased comfort in their homes Transforming districts into near-zero energy consumption urban areas could be a reality in the next few decades. This is...

Tackling the many challenges of smarter, greener cities: CITyFiED Project

Zero-energy districts are the only possible future for European cities, as costs associated with palliating the effects of climate change soar, but there are many challenges ahead The quest towards low energy consumption in city districts requires...

Cluster of Cities first in line for new renovation approach

Eleven cities which have become known as the CITyFiED City Cluster are urban areas that will frequently partake in all the new methods and discoveries that will come out of demo sites in Lund, Soma and Laguna and form a part of the CITyFiED...

Eyes on smart cities of the future; CITyFiED Project Consortium hosted by City of Lund, Sweden

The CITyFiED project’s first periodic meeting took place in Lund, Sweden this 24-26 September 2014. This medium-sized university town with a research-intensive industry is the location of one of three demonstration sites critical in the development...